Friday, November 28, 2008

**Black Friday**

Happy Turkey Day

A Martha Stewart dinner table

Trusting Krista with a carving knife.....well, with any knife! It wasn't easy to cut the turkey with my Dad standing over me telling me I'm doing it wrong.

Bart and Garrett playing WII golf

Peace out my Brother!

The kids posing for a picture and trying to keep warm while doing so

I sure hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I know we did. We were thankful for Kelsey being here and the joy of spending the day with our family.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pre-Thanksgiving Poker Game

Man did we have fun. This is our pre-Thanksgiving poker game. Loser went to Dairy Queen. We missed Rick and Jenny tonight.

This is Kelsey driving Papa crazy! Next time we won't sit them next to each other.

This is me on the other side of Papa...driving him crazy. He didn't stand a chance! Oh, and he didn't like losing to his Daughter either. Yes, that's right.....I took him down. I won the whole game.

This is Kelsey's handy work on the camera. Yes, it's a great shot.

This is Katie, I work with her on the ambulance. She doesn't always dress like Christmas, I made her come over straight from work to eat dinner and play poker. I think we may have scared her. It was definitely birth control for her.

Don't try this at home!

Look what I learned last week! Not really, this is my partner's handy work. However, this is a very scary picture.....would you like to be "Ted the head"? I think not. This is what we use to practice our skills and learn new ones. So last week, I learned a new airway skill with a Combitube. I learned how to shove a big plastic tube down your throat to help you breathe better. I had two fabulous partners this day teaching me how to do this and giving me great advice. **Note to friends and family of Krista** Please don't make me do this to you.. :) LOL

So in the fine spirit of Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for my job.....knowing how many people don't have one.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Flu Shots!

MacKenna was super brave and didn't even move muscle.

Garrett promised to be brave.....that didn't work out so well.

Does this even require an explanation?

How sad and pitiful is this face?

Oh that blessed time of year when you take your kids in for a well check then spring it on them that the flu shots are coming! Mean Mommy! Anyway, my kids are healthy and happy and emotionally balanced and I'm still mentally unstable.....Happy day.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Where oh where have the people gone?

Where oh where have the people gone, where oh where can they be? That's me singing to you! It's better that way because if you heard it for real, you'd probably cry. Anyway, I'm just wondering where all of my friends and family have gone. Today is Thursday and it has been an absolutely wonderful day. I woke up, got ready, got the kids ready for school, dropped them off and headed out to Missoula with Deidre for a fantabulous day of spending money that I don't have. We began with the uniform store for new pants.....well, that's because I am tired of hearing from my co-workers how short my pants were....SNORE.....then off to Target, Best Buy for a new computer-hooray and then off to Wally World. Oh and we did stop by the Hostess outlet for some bread and sugary treats. I swear I was in a total sugar coma by the time we hit Lolo. Then I picked up the kids from school, unloaded the fully packed suburban and made a super yummy dinner and then headed off to a blogging class. This evening, I have colored my hair-didn't exactly turn out the color I had planned :( and now I am totally neglecting putting my kids to bed because I want to blog and play with Picasa. What a great Mommy I am!!! All in all, it's been an alright day. So I guess I better be responsible and take care of the kids then come back in here to feed my blogging addiction.