Sunday, December 23, 2007

*No Short Supply of Food & Games*

This weekend was Christmas with the kids. We had fun. With 16 people in this house, there was no short supply of food-there never is! We had a very nice ham dinner complete with cheese potatoes, burned dinner rolls and the Magnificent 7 chocolate cake. We played Monopoly, Farkle and Poker.....oh, and we can't forget Guitar Hero 3. Kelsey, Tiffany, Amy and MacKenna played America's Next Top Model. Jeff was kind enough to be their photographer. Kallie and Sarah played littlest pet shop. The kids couldn't stay long but we made the most of our 24 hours. By the time they left we had eaten more food than a small army, gone through enough soda, cookies and holiday candies to put any family in a sugar coma for a week. Oh, and the house smelled like a septic tank after all the burping and gas passing as a result of our "holiday butt." Nevertheless, we had fun. We laughed. We loved.

Candid Camera