Saturday, September 27, 2008

What to do When There's Nothing to do

This is the one but the

This is Kris and Chris making good use of their defacing the white board and the other quietly observing.

This is me and Shirley....playing dress up??? Sorry about the blury picture.....retarded photographer!

This is this is truly a working picture. We are emptying out one of the ambulances to take it out of service. These are just a few of the supplies we had to put back into stock.

Boy Scouts Corn Maze

These are the scouts and a few extra siblings. This is the Qwivals corn maze.
Rowdy boys and corn maze = TROUBLE

Garrett and I were pretty confused. I was given a group of 8 boys to watch and Garrett is the only one I had when the maze ended. How sad is that? I even lost Sarah. That's even sadder! Is that really a word?

I've never been so happy to see the #10. I swear I saw the number 6 like 5 times. I know I saw 8 twice.

This is Shirley and Penelope making sure everyone actually came out of the maze. I'm totally impressed that Shirley had all of her boys at the end.....I guess I should work on that! 18 cub scouts and 4 leaders = the need for electric shock collars.....LOL just kidding, most of them were pretty good.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Now That's Just Nasty

Would you want those hands touching your food or your face?.....The kids played hard tonight and they sure have plenty to show for it. They played in the fields, ran around, jumped on the trampoline and there was NO computer, TV or video games involved. Just good old fashioned imagination, trees and dirt. Their knees, feet, faces, hands, clothes.....dirty, dirty, dirty from head to toe.....literally!!! I've always said, "dirty kids are happy kids." It just means they had fun. Real fun.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home Away From Home

Here is our emergency entrance. This emergency room is 2 months new. It's so sweet. It's got the coolest gizmos and most amazing machines. It's a killer ER for such a small town! So this is where I stand on my feet for nearly 12 hours a day 3 times a week, treating patients and helping out with patient check in, transport, and other ER duties. I do enjoy it dispite the massive tantrum I had on the first day of work when I found out that the hospital janitors make more money than we do!!!

This is my second vehicle. Yes, I drive a suburban and an ambulance.....not every woman can say that. I was totally excited that one of my partners complimented my driving on the second day of work. I think that was just because he was trying to sleep in the back and I didn't wake him up by driving crazy over bumps and rail road tracks. LOL :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cha Ching

Okay, so anyone who knows me knows that I love to go to garage sales. I'm crazy for a super great bargain and these last two weekends were no exception. All I can say is chaaaa-ching or in the profound words of Napolean Dynamite....."LUCKY" Some of the super great deals I spotted were:
$1.00 for a Black & Decker bread maker (yes, it works like a dream)
$3.00 for a Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber (almost new)
$3.00 for a complete serving set and dinner set (for 8) of Japanese Vintage bone china
$7.50 for a pretty decent (clean) love seat, which I was able to spiffy up with my new Spot Scrubber!!!
4 pair of name brand (really nice and clean) jeans for Garrett for .50 cents (not .50 cents each, .50 cents for all 4 pair)
$2.00 for 2 pair of winter gloves AND true snow boots for MacKenna and Garrett

And the best bargain of all......the Mother of all amazing garage sale bargains........look down!

A Sony 42" console T.V.
So the story goes that the owner of the T.V. kept trying to tell Bart that the TV needed to be professionally serviced and that the picture was dark but still viewable. She thought for sure the bulbs needed to be replaced. We were leary as was had replaced a TV bulb at Christmas time for $318 on our flat screen TV. She was asking $100 for the TV and as Bart expressed his concern for the situation, she told him he could have the TV for $50.00. We agreed and loaded her up.
Once we got home we realized the TV was too big to fit through our tiny farm house kitchen door. We unscrewed the back of the TV (to fit it through the door) and noticed the 3 inch layer of dust on all of the projecion bulbs. After a quick "scrub" down and a little TLC, the TV was plugged in, turned on and the picture is crystal clear and works like a champ!!! We were so excited to have such a find! Hallelujah for garage sales.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Garrett's Reward~A Super Wegie

Garrett's reward for being good during Sarah and MacKenna's pageant was to jump on the super trampoline or super wegie as I called it. He was so excited and had a blast.
Up, up, up and away!!!
Garrett did flips and was pretty much fearless and having a great time. I did watch him remove the underwear from his bum crack once the "ride" was over. LOL

Another First Day of School :)

Ok so here we are with another first day of school. It's all good. The kids love their new schools and new teachers. They love, even more, that they get to sleep in an extra 25 minutes because school starts later here! Here are their teachers...if anyone is interested in knowing!
MacKenna- Mrs. Hollingsworth/Ms. Bertek (team teachers)
Garrett- Mrs. Dowling (Garrett says she yells)
Sarah- Mrs. Smith (A Grandma type who loves hugs and high 5s)
Christopher- Mr. Burrell (Very quiet, softspoken. Calls Christopher Mr. Math)