Sunday, January 25, 2009

California Speed


My friend Ali taught me a new card game and now I am totally addicted. I am undefeated against 4 different players. I have become insanely competitive with this stupid game, I almost broke my hand.....while gloating, of course.

If you pause my blog music, you can get the full effect of the video! Anyone want to play me??? :)


The Hansen Family said...

You have to tell me how to play it so I can get some practice in before Friday.

We're not planning on sleeping right??

The Hansen Family said...

BTW, what's with the DQ in the background? Are you guys cheating on us?


Krista said...

Oh no, we're so NOT sleeping!!! Totally NOT cheating on you Angel Fish. I bought Ali and the kids something...I did NOT partake! Ok, maybe I had a little something...but it meant nothing and I was thinking of you the whole time. :)

The Hansen Family said...

Hahahahahhaaa! :)

Amber said...

HA HA ... I love that game but no i dont want to play you... your to intimidating! plus that elbow you threw looked like it hurt! i cherish what left of my boobs i have left

Kelsey said...

you are such a dork! love that song. and i'll play you hahah you'd kick my trash but i love that game too!